Lincoln Kids! Newspaper is free to our readers because of our advertisers. We reach around 18,000 families each quarter, all of whom have picked up their copy of LK! because they want to see what’s inside. They want to know about YOU. The needs of children change as they grow, and new families are joining our community on a daily basis…help them discover how amazing it is to raise a family here. Show them what you have to offer!

–Lincoln Kids! Newspaper hosts a variety of ad styles and sizes to fit your needs.–

Our rate plans are based on commitments – a price break is given when you commit to placing four ads within a year (1x & 4x rates). To find out more about our advertising rates and sizes, click a link below or email We’d love to have you join the LK! family.

Advertising Specs

Download a PDF of Advertising Specs

Non-Profit Advertising Specs

Download a PDF of Advertising Specs for Non-Profits

Featuring an article is another great way to reach members of our community.

Whether you wish to write about your organization, an upcoming event, a personal memoir from your childhood, or any other relevant subject, we are happy to feature your work on our pages. We just ask that the subject matter be appropriate for our audience.

We have a few regular columnist in each issue, and offer the remaining article space free and first-come-first serve. Reservations fill quickly! Any available space can be guaranteed with an ad purchase. If no space is available, we can place you on the Opportunity List (if any opportunity for an additional article comes up we will refer to this list to fill it). Non-advertiser requests for article space will automatically be placed on the Opportunity List.

  • A quarter page article (around 200-300 words) is offered with a directory listing or 1/8 page ad purchase.
  • A half page article (around 400-600 words, depending on whether an image & caption is included) is offered with a 1/4 page ad or larger.
  • Longer articles (up to an average of 800 words) are accepted if space is available, otherwise they may be edited down to fit the half page space.

Word counts are guidelines and articles of any size may be edited to fit the requested space.
To inquire about or make your article reservation, email today!